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Pig Collection translated into German means Schweine Sammlung!

The next few pages are dedicated to my German Friends with partial german links :@)

I am sure you wonder where I keep all my pigs. But currently they are stored in 2 countries; Germany & Ireland!

On our next visit to Germany we will open some boxes again & take some more pictures of previously unpublished piggies to add them to our website, so you can admire more of our online collection/ museum :@)

Sometimes even I am surprised what kind of pig items are out there! Just amazing! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do :@)

pig sugar bowl, schweine zuckerdose

I found this cute pig sugar bowl in an antique store in Laytown, Ireland ...

Pig Bath Tub Plug, Schweine Badewannenstoepsel

Not sure how you call this one here... Piggie Bath Tub Drain Plug? :@)

Pig Nail Brush

Pig Nail Brush

Pig Door Bell, Schweine Glocke

This is an antique pig door bell :o) Me & Line found this one in Berlin one evening in March 2009; the shop owner had it for years & couldn't get rid of it until I came along :o)

Peppa Pig Glasses Case, Peppa Schwein Brillenetui

Peppa Pig Glasses Case

Pig Figurine, Schweine Figur

Pig Figurine

Irish Pig Water Globe, Water Globe

Irish Pig Water Globe

Grunting Pepa Pig Pirate

Gary collects Pirates & I collect Pigs... couldn't have found a better item to represent the both of us... a grunting pirate peppa pig :o)

Pig Compressed Flannel, Animal Magic

You can watch it grow! This Pig compressed cotton face flannel, when placed in water, will grow into a 30cm cloth bearing a cute piggie face! I bought this one on our 3 day trip to co Clare, Ireland, in Nenagh 2008.

Schweine Kerzen, Pig Tea Candles

My mom mailed these 2 cute pig tea candles from Germany to me, when i lived in Bermuda in 2006... and of course they travelled back to Ireland with us when we moved :o)

cute pig cup, schweine tasse

I bought this irresistible cute pig cup in Dublin 2007.

Pig Kitchen Timer

Pig Kitchen Timer

Pig Sponge Holder

Pig Sponge Holder

Pig Toast Rack

Belongs on everybody's Kitchen Table! The Pig Toast Rack!

Pig Napkin Holder

This cute Pig Napkin Holder we located at a festival in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, in 2007.

Pig Napkin Holder with Pig Napkins

... and here is the Pig Napkin Holder with Pig Napkins from Germany :@)

Pig Shoe Laces

Pig Shoe Laces

Pig Socks, Schweine Socken

Pig Socks :@) one pair I bought in Bermuda, the other in Ireland

Pig Post Card, Viel Glueck Schweine Postkarte

In Germany people give each other little pig figurines to wish each other luck. This Postcard, which I got from Meike & Carsten in 2004, wishes "Much Pig"; so lots of luck :@)

Pig Birthday Card, Schweine Geburtstagskarte

This is a birthday card, that I received from my parents in 2008. I am a big fan of the artist; he always has funny word games involved; The fortuneteller foresees a "Pig-Full-Year". In this case the pig thinks its a great thing (a year with lots of pigs)... but what it really means is a lousy year...

Pig Black Board, Schweine Tafel

Pig Black Board

Pig Toilet Seat, Pig Toilet Stool, Schweine Klo Sitz, Schweine Stuehlchen

When our godchildren came for a visit to Ireland in 2008, I went to search for a toilet seat & stool... never thought I would find some items for my collection in this connection! :o) amazing, huh?

Pig Toilet Brush

Since I didn't plan to go on a shopping spree, I didn't bring my backpack with me & the plastic bag i got from the shop broke after not even 2 min carrying it... so I had to walk through the city of Dublin carrying this Pig with its Toilet Brush in its behind in my bare hands... you can imagine the looks I got! :o)

small pig figurine, kleines schwein

This little cute pig figurine I received from sista N's Mom... yes I got everybody seeing pigs now ;o)

pig cell phone flash straps

These funny looking pig cell phone flash straps I bought in Dublin 2008 at the chinese new year festival ;o)

pig paper plane, pigs can fly

This pig paper plane is actually advertising... but definitively shall not be missed in my collection ;o) pigs can fly!

Pig Door Draft Breaker

Well, I call this one here Pig-Door-Draft-Breaker; basically you put it on the ground in front of your door to keep the heat in the room ;o)

Pig Light Up Pen

This is a Pig Light Up Pen!

Pig Birthday Card, Schweine Geburtstagskarte

Meike & Carsten sent another Pig Birthday card!

Croche Pig Key Chain Hanger, Haekelschwein

This cute Croche Pig Key Chain Hanger I acquired in 2007 at Dublin Airport

Pig Cup, Schweine Tasse

Line mailed me this charming pig cup for my birthay in 2008!

Wagner the Pig, Pig from Finland

This cute pig was mailed to me by Andrea from Finland! Wagner the Pig :@) If you would like to read more about him... pls visit our: Famous Pigs Hall of Fame!

Pig Timbel, Schweine Fingerhut

In 2007 in an irish tourist shop, I located this adorable pig timbel!

Pig Plant Pot Figurine, Schweine Blumentopf

Even when I am not looking... I somehow always seem to spot a pig for my collection... like this cute Pig Pot Figurine.

Pig Patch Decoration

Pig Patch Decoration from Germany

Pig Cell Phone Holder, Handy Schwein

This is a cute Pig Cell Phone Holder that I found in an airport shop one day

Crocs Jibbitz Pig

This is a very small jibbitz pig for crocs shoes that I found in a shoe shop while on a trip to Scotland.

Pig Ipot Speakers

I finally got it! The coolest gadget in town :@) A Pig Ipot Docking Station with Speakers! But you don't need an ipod to listen to a great sound! They are compatible for the computer & laptop, too!

Pigsback Cup

another item: a cup!

Scottish Piggie Bank

Not really hard to guess where this piggie bank is from huh? :o) I brought it back from a trip to Edinburgh.

Hand Painted Ornamental Pig from Africa

This is a Hand Painted Ornamental Pig from Africa.

Computer Monitor Pig Screen Wipe

This is a Computer Monitor Pig Screen Wipe! :@)

This fun screen wipe with a zest of lemon fragrance and a chamois tummy will clean and reduce static on all computer monitors, laptops and LCD screens.

Watchover Pig Voodoo Doll, Schweine Woodoo Puppe

To help with mood swings and develop a relaxed and carefree lifestyle, this Flying Watchover Voodoo Pig Doll is a fun accessory.

Wooden Hindu Pig Mask, Schweine Hindu Maske

This is a Wooden Hindu Pig Mask!

Pig Count Down, Schweine Zaehler, Schweine Sammler, Schweine Sammlung, Pig Collection, Pig Collector Items

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