Continuation Of Danny's Pigs Collection of over 1000 Pigs

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skiing Pig Figurine

Pig Key Cover and other Key Chain Pig Items

Pig-Key-Cover and other Pig Key Chain Items

smallest Pigs of my collection

Here are some of the smallest Pigs of my collection

smallest Pigs of my collection (2)

An irish souvenir for kids:

An irish souvenir for kids: "Irish Squeezie Beanie Piggie"

Pig Straw

This is a Pig Straw... it was in one of those cereal boxes ages ago!

Pig-Logo Bag from local Butcher

Pig-Logo Bag from the local Butcher... well, I don't eat pig meat of course!! But to complete the collection, I had to add it :o)

Pig Key Board Cleaner Brush

Pig Key Board Cleaner Brush.. we found that one in a shop in Amalfi!

Squeezable Pooping Pig

who doesn't need it? a "Squeezable Pooping Pig" Key Chain! :o)

Pig Collage

Pig Collage

Wooden Pig Pegs

Wooden Pig Pegs (you see the piggie!?!) - yes, it does exist! :o)

Wall Decoration Pig

Wall Decoration Pig

Wooden Key Chain Pig

Wooden Key Chain Pig

Piggie Bank

Piggie Bank

Squeezy Pig Toy

Squeezy Pig Toy with sound effect

Ornamental Pig

Ornamental Pig

Rubber Ball Pig

Rubber Ball Pig - a present from Isi & Co ;o) thank you!!

Pig Flute

above: Pig Flute below: Mouth Piece :o)

pig flute mouth piece

pig calendar

Pig Calendar

Pig Peg Bag

Pig Peg Bag (can you say this fast at least 20 times? :o) )

Pig Douh Collector

Pig Play Douh Set

Pig Mobile

Pig Mobile

Baby's Pig Rattle

Baby's Pig Rattle

Bermuda Glass Factory Pig

Bermuda Glass Factory Pig; this was a present from Stephie & Kyle!! Thank you very much!!

Grunting Piggie Bank

Grunting Piggie Bank (once you place coins in the slot, it grunts)

Stuffed Piggie

Cute Stuffed Piggie

Porcelain Hand-Painted Pig Pill Box from Ireland

Porcelain Hand-Painted Pig Pill Box from Ireland

Small Iron Pig Figurine

Small Iron Pig Figurine

Pig Wallet

Line extended my pig collection again! This is a wallet from Germany!

Pig Size Chart

Pig Size Chart (move the little piggie depending on the childs hight...) Fabienne is already 1.20m tall!

Pig's Pen

Pig's "Pen" :o)

Stuffed Pig Pendant

Cute Stuffed Pig Pendant

Pig Night Light

Pig Night Light

Baby's Pig Mirror

Baby's Pig Mirror

Pig Air Freshener

Pig Air Freshener for the car :@)

Pig Mousepad from

I bought this Pig Mousepad from with piggie points together with the stress relief pig below:

stress relieve pig from

Pig House Shoes

On a visit to my friends house, I received these cute house shoes to keep my feet warm & to enrich my collection!! thank you, Isi!!

foot nail separator

not sure what exactly you call this pig here... i call it toe-nail-separator-for-nail-polising-purposes :@)

birthday card

this is a birthday card from Elaine!! thank you!!

birthday card

another birthday card.. from Line! the question for you is: can you find the pig with the cork screw tail? :@) the answer is below...

birthday card solution

haha and? did you guess it right? ;@)

Singing and Dancing Pig

I received this singing ("My Girl")and dancing pig from my brother as a birthday gift... it is really very adorable & especially my god-kids love it! on their last visit it sang and danced till the batteries run out... they couldn't get tired of it :o) new batteries were needed :o)

cell phone straps

small selection of pig cell phone straps bought in Ireland

Pig Buttons

on my last trip to Berlin, I found these cute pig buttons... who can resist them? :o)

Fold Up Card with Pig Stickers

this is a fold up card with pig stickers from Line for my collection ... the other stickers we will ignore ;o) ($%$^!! sausages??!!£$%%**!!!)

Pig Earring Stand

this is a pig earring stand... not just to hold my few pig earrings... as you can see there are hundreds of free spaces to fill :o)

Pig Figurine from Paris

on our recent trip to Paris, we located this cute hand painted pig figurine... doesn't it look a little french? ;@)

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