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Since their domestication by man, many famous pigs have risen to the fore . We've put together what we consider the most comprehensive collection of celebrity pigs found in any one place, both animated and real. If you can think of any that we've overlooked, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to let us know, we'll be happy to give you full credit for your contribution. We've divided them into fictitious and real, those of fictional origins first, and the real life stars following. We hope you enjoy our Pigs Hall of Fame!


Famous Pigs-Miss Piggy

Famous Pigs - Miss Piggy
Everybody knows the most famous of famous pigs - the feisty starlet girlfriend of Kermit the Frog from the Muppets! Miss Piggy was originally cast in a minor role during the early days of the Muppets, however her boisterous and somewhat unstable personality with all its feminine charm soon propelled her into the realms of animation superstardom!

Miss Piggy didn't always look like the character we've come to know and love though. She was originally designed as a beedy eyed blonde when she first appeared in "Return to Beneath the Planet of the Pigs," a sketch from the original Muppet Show pilot. By the time the Muppet show began in 1976 though, she had become the flamboyant Miss Piggy with the big, beautiful blue eyes reserved only for Kermit, the love of her life and target of her tantrums!

The voice of Miss Piggy was originally performed by Frank Oz, who contributes her success to being one of the few totally three-dimensional characters from the Muppets. She spawned a huge fad during the late '70's and early '80's and eclipsed Kermit and the other Muppets in popularity, selling far more merchandise and writing a book that (unlike any of Kermit's books) wound up on top of the New York Times Bestseller List.

In an interview with the New York Times in 1979, Frank Oz outlined Piggy's biography: "She grew up in a small town; her father died when she was young and her mother wasn't that nice to her. She had to enter beauty contests to survive, as many single women do. She has a lot of vulnerability which she has to hide, because of her need to be a superstar." In The Muppet Movie she had just won such a contest (Miss Bogen County) when she first met Kermit and joined the Muppets.

Eventually in the films, Kermit started returning her affections and (unwittingly) married her in The Muppets Take Manhattan; although subsequent events suggest that it was only their characters in the movie that married, and that their relationship is really the same as ever. The fact that their relationship failed to develop is cited as one reason the public lost interest in the Muppets. I personally feel that Kermit is intimidated by famous pigs.

Famous Pigs-Babe

Famous Pigs - Babe
Who's heartstrings haven't been tugged by the courageous and honorable Babe, the sensitive-souled little pig who wanted to become a sheepdog! This little character has not become just one of the favorites of pig lovers, but of all those who champion the underdog and who appreciate the finer qualities of complexion. He manages to overcome all with his earnestly polite and soft-spoken ways, and is an example of how being true to one's self and sincerity of intention will prevail over adversity. One of Daniela's and my own all time favorite famous pigs!

Famous Pigs-Porky

Famous Pigs - Porky Pig
The "Godfather" of famous pigs, Porky was born from the Warner Brother's Studios farm of talented animators, particularly Bob Clampett, though Tex Avery and Frank Tashlin used Porky in their cartoons and contributed to molding his personality.

Porky first appeared in a Looney Tunes episode where he recited The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, morphing half way through into The Charge of The Light Brigade! His labored recital was salvaged by his sweet-natured damn-the-torpedoes perseverance, a character trait that has served the little pig well throughout his career.

Based on his first performance, one could hardly have pegged the fat, jittery and flop-sweating Porky Pig to become Warner Bros. cartoons' first major star, but he eventually went on to win an academy award!

In a single supporting performance, Porky had arrived. Even after he was supplanted by later characters, Porky continued to be popular with moviegoers and, more importantly, the Warners directors, who recast him in numerous everyman and sidekick roles.

Famous Pigs-Petunia

Famous Pigs - Petunia Pig
How could we forget Porky's girl Petunia, the first diva of famous pigs! Petunia was introduced by animator Frank Tashlin in the 1937 short "Porky's Romance". The film is a parody of a 1932 Walt Disney cartoon called "Mickey's Nightmare". Whereas Mickey Mouse marries his longtime girlfriend Minnie in that film, Porky's ouvertures toward Petunia bring him only the scornful laughter of his porcine paramour. Tashlin quickly adopted Petunia as a regular member of Porky's entourage and featured her in two more cartoons: "The Case of the Stuttering Pig" and "Porky's Double Trouble", both in 1937. Voice actors Bernice Hansen and Shirley Reed each performed Petunia's voice in various shorts.

As Porky's popularity was eclipsed in the late 1930s and early 1940s by brasher, funnier characters like Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny, he was quickly relegated to a supporting player himself in new Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts. Petunia, already a bit player to Porky, fared much worse. She still appeared occasionally in Warners merchandising, but her tenure as a Warner Brothers player were mostly over. Nevertheless, she has enjoyed the occasional new role. She is a regular in the Baby Looney Tunes television series and an occasional guest star in the Looney Tunes comic book, for example. She is also very common in the All New Tunes on the Looney Tunes' official site.

Famous Pigs-Piglet

Famous Pigs - Piglet
Winnie the Pooh's best friend piglet who reflects similar qualities to Babe is another of our famous pigs its hard not to love. Despite the fact that he's a tiny guy with a generally timid disposition, he often conquers his fears with his determination to be brave. he was created by A. A. Milne, and was based on one of the stuffed animals of Christopher Robin Milne, the author's son. Winnie The Pooh books were some of my favorites when I was young, and the characters in A.A.Milne's books make for great role models.

Piglet is a loyal friend, and his values are well reflected in the story where Owl's house had blown down and Eeyore mistakenly offers Piglet's house as a new home for Owl. Piglet does a "Noble Thing", as a pig would do, and agrees to let Owl have the house, at which point Pooh asks Piglet to live with him and Piglet accepts.

Famous Pigs - Toot and Puddle

Famous Pigs - Toot and Puddle

Toot & Puddle are the delightful famous pigs duo from Woodcock Pocket whose lives are filled with everyday wonder, adventure and humor. These best-selling books by the famed illustrator Holly Hobbie are destined to become classics.

Toot and Puddle are two small, endearing pigs who are best friends and as different as different can be. While Toot likes to travel to places unknown, Puddle prefers to stay home and revel in the joys of everyday life. The series is about their adventures, together and apart. The books include postcards they exchange while they're apart and all manner of fun stuff.

Toot and Puddle live together in Woodcock Pocket. In one of the stories, Toot takes off to see the world while Puddle decides to stay home. Throughout the year as Toot travels, he shares his adventures in exotic lands like India and Egypt with Puddle via postcard. Puddle has a grand time reading about Toot's travels while having his very own adventures at home. Whimsical postcards capture the excitement of Toot's travels, while scenes of Puddle celebrate mundane moments spent in familiar confines. This wonderful tale shows the wonders of the world both far away and right in your own backyard. And it's about being yourself and being a good friend.

Famous Pigs-Pippo

Famous Pigs - Pippo
Pippo is a pig made by Sanrio, the company that makes Hello Kitty. He is a cute little pig who's Hello Kitty's friend. Pippo is very indepedent, as famous pigs tend to be, and lives in his own apartment across from a beautiful park. He's also friends with a squirrel named Risu, and is curious, full of life, and loves to think up new games and things to do.

Famous Pigs-Animal farm

Famous Pigs - Squealer, Napoleon and Snowball Not exactly one of the most pleasant of famous pigs, Squealer is a fictional pig from George Orwell's Animal Farm, primarily inspired by Joseph Stalin's aide Vyacheslav Molotov, a leading figure in the Soviet government from the 1920s. Molotov was generally regarded as Stalin's deputy and as his long-term successor, and it is after him that the "Molotov Cocktail" incendary device is named. In the symbolic form chosen by Orwell for the novella, the pigs are all identified with the Soviet leaders of the time. Napoleon and Snowball clearly represent Stalin and Trotsky, respectively.

Squealer is a close companion and protege of Napoleon as Molotov was a close companion and protege of Stalin. Squealer also serves mainly as Napoleon's "propaganda minister" as Molotov was Stalin's Prime Minister (1930-1939) and Foreign Minister (1939-1949) and constant spokesperson. When the animals suspect that the pigs are breaking the laws, Squealer justifies their actions. For instance, when the other animals want to have the milk and apples, Squealer says that milk and apples help the pigs think; so, eating the apples and drinking milk would prevent Mr. Jones from returning. Similarly, Molotov was a constant apologist for Stalin, rationalizing "Comrade Stalin's" tyranny as being in the best interests of the people.

Snowball leads the animals' revolt against the human farmer, but is driven away from the farm (a comparison to the Russian government) by his former comrade Napoleon in the later part of the story. Unlike Napoleon, he has the best interests of the animals in mind. He devotes himself to bettering the animals in intellectual, moral and physical ways.This is where his role on the farm bears a significant and intended resemblance to the role of Leon Trotsky in the early Soviet Union.

This is a very interesting book, and recommended reading for any who have not done so.

Famous Pigs-Pumba

Famous Pigs - Pumbaa (Pumba)
Ah the Lion King! As with many characters in Lion King, Pumbaa derives his name from Kiswahili, the Swahili word for the Swahili language. His name means "careless". This distinguished icon of famous pigs is one of Disney's most beloved characters, admired for his comical antics and musical skills.

While Pumbaa has an unpleasant air about him - boasting a flatulence powerfully sufficient to clear an entire savanna after any given meal, he is also a fierce warrior, charging into battle like a battering ram, and taking great offense if anyone who's not his friend calls him a pig (at which point he says "THEY CALL ME MISTER PIG!" - a reference to the line "They call me Mister Tibbs!" from the movie In the Heat of the Night.) It has also been revealed that Pumbaa's last name is Smith on "Timon & Pumbaa," not very Swahili if you ask me!

Famous Pigs-3 Little Pigs

Famous Pigs - Three Little Pigs
Of all the world's famous pigs, these three must rank amongst the most reknown! Published versions of the story date back to the late 18th century, but the story is thought to be much older. The Three Little Pigs story was made more popular thanks to Walt Disney in a 1933 animated cartoon, where Mother Pig sends her three little piglets out into the pond to make the strongest house for the family but they get into a fight so they all make three different houses. We all know what ensued!

Originally though, the story had the Big bad wolf eating the first two little pigs, and then eaten himself by the third pig when, after failing to blow the house made of brick down, he descended the chimney only to land in a pot of boiling water prepared by the third little pig.

In recent years, the story, as has happened to other fairy tales, has been softened from its original version. In these versions, neither the wolf nor the pigs end up eating each other, the two less prudent pigs escape to the house of the third pig while the wolf is captured rather than boiled.

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Famous Pigs-Wilbur

Famous Pigs - Wilbur (Charlottes Web)
How could you not fall in love with "Zuckerman's Famous Pig" after watching Charlotte's Web? When Fern Arable (Dakota Fanning) learns that her father plans to kill the runt of a litter of newborn pigs, she successfully begs him to spare the piglet's life. The farmer gives the tiny pig to Fern, who names him Wilbur and raises him as her pet. To Fern's regret, when Wilbur grows into an adult pig, she is forced to take him to the Zuckerman farm, where he is to be prepared as dinner in due time.

Charlotte, a spider, lives in the space above Wilbur's sty in the Zuckermans' barn; she befriends Wilbur and decides to help prevent him from being eaten. With the help of the other barn animals, including a rat named Templeton, she convinces the Zuckerman family that Wilbur is actually quite special, by spelling out descriptions of him in her web: "Some pig", "Terrific", "Radiant" and "Humble". Charlotte gives her full name as "Charlotte A. Cavatica", revealing her as a barn spider, an orb-weaver spider with the scientific name Araneus cavaticus.

The farm family, Wilbur, Charlotte, and Templeton go to a fair, where Wilbur is entered in a contest. While there, Charlotte produces an egg sac. She cannot return home with Wilbur because she is dying. Wilbur tearfully says goodbye to Charlotte but manages to take her egg sac home, where hundreds of offspring emerge. Most of the young spiders soon leave, but three stay and become Wilbur's friends.

Famous Pigs - Wagner the Pig (Finland)

Famous Pigs - Wagner the Pig (Finland)

Viivi & Wagner is a somewhat absurdist Finnish newspaper comic strip drawn by Jussi "Juba" Tuomola and Wagner is one of our favorite famous pigs.

The main characters are Viivi, a Finnish woman in her twenties, and Wagner, a mature male pig. As are many famous pigs, Wagner is fully anthropomorphic, meaning his character is humanized , yet he still considers himself a pig instead of a human. Though often mistaken for being married, the two are cohabitating in an Odd Couple-ish relationship and genuinely fond of each other when not bickering.

The comic originally appeared in Kultapossu, a promotional children's magazine by a Finnish bank. In the original version of the comic, Viivi was a small girl and Wagner was her animate piggy bank. When the Kultapossu magazine was discontinued, Tuomola adapted the characters to fit a newspaper comic strip style, also changing the characters to adults in the process. So began the carreer of one of Europe's most famous pigs.

Viivi & Wagner is extremely popular in Finland, above all because of its quirky humour. Most of the strips concern either arguments between Viivi and Wagner ("You ate the wrapper, too?!" "I always eat the wrapper."), or Wagner getting into totally absurd situations, either in everyday life or in a fantasy world ("I'm stuck in the moment before the Big Bang"). Some strips strips break the fourth wall ("Hey, your outline is loose.") or the classic comic strip format by not having a definite punchline at the end.

Some readers, who have been unaware of the strip's history in a bank's promotional magazine for children, have taken Wagner's porcine appearance as a statement of feminism, specifically implying that "men are pigs". Some have even thought Tuomola was a woman. It has been noticed that many medical inside jokes appear in the strips - many of them originate from an old friend of Juba, whose profession happens to be a doctor.

The relationship between Viivi and Wagner is hard to fathom, let alone describe. Viivi is a young- to middle-aged woman, who seems generally to get on with life. She is definitely the long-suffering 'straight man' of the pair, and plays a wifely or motherly role to Wagner depending on the situation.

They argue, Viivi despairs with amazing regularity, and Wagner is a spoilt brat. Despite this, they undoubtedly love each other a great deal - although again it's difficult to tell at first if it's platonic or not; after all, who would marry a pig? However, many strips imply a sexual relationship - and at least one suggests they are in avoliitto, or common law marriage.

Wagner is a pig. Literally and figuratively. He is simultaneously childlike and laddish; at the supermarket, he rides in the shopping cart. He farts, burps, blows his nose straight into his hands and doesn't care less. Despite this, he is a lovable character, due to his naivety. In an interview, Juba points out that Wagner isn't a metaphor for a piggish man; he simply is a pig.

One interesting characteristic which sets it apart from normal comic strips is that there is often no real joke, and no punchline. It is merely the situation, and knowing the characters that provides the humour.

Fact and fiction combine in many different ways in the character of a comic pig. Wagner recently featured prominently in “Fairytale Finns”, a competition conducted by Yleisradio (the Finnish Broadcasting Company) to find the nation’s most popular fictional character. Finns would probably elect Wagner the president, given half the chance. In one of the stories, Wagner finally gets his hands on real power: absolutely everyone votes for him, including all Finns living abroad and a few Frenchmen to boot. I guess we're not the only ones who like famous pigs!

However, Viivi and Wagner isn’t just entertainment for pigs behaving badly. He may be a labourer, but Wagner speaks fluent French, and is not ashamed to use it. Viivi is an avid reader of world literature, and so, apparently, is the writer himself, as these comics are filled with references to the classics, almost to the point of intertextuality.

To some extent, the Viivi and Wagner albums are compilations of strips published in different newspapers. Though the plotlines in these strips are often long and involved, the albums do not necessarily have a beginning, a middle and an end. The form of these albums suits Wagner’s carpe diem attitude to life “like a fist in the eye”, to use an old Finnish expression.

Famous Pigs - Peter Porkchop

Famous Pigs - Peter Porkchop

Peter Porkchops is the name of a fictional funny animal pig who appeared in stories published by DC Comics. Peter was created by Otto Feuer, and first appeared in Leading Comics #23 (February/March 1947).

Peter's adventures mostly consisted of light-hearted fare, usually involving his neighbor A. Wolf (or "Wolfie" as Peter called him). Although somewhat unknown as far as famous pigs go, Peter became one of DC's most successful funny animal characters, gaining his own comic in December 1949. Peter appeared throughout the 1950s, with Leading Comics canceled with its 77th issue in 1955; Peter's own comic was canceled with Peter Porkchops #62 in December 1960. He then ceased to appear (except for a few reprints) for the next several decades.

In 1982, Peter was brought back in the pages of New Teen Titans Vol. 1 #16 (February 1982). In this incarnation he is a steel mill worker in the city of "Piggsburg." While working one day over a vat, an irradiated meteor fragment slams into Peter, knocking them both into the molten steel; when he emerges, Peter finds himself transformed into a super-strong being of living metal, and soon becomes a superhero named Pig Iron (a reference to the word "pig iron", a part of the steel making process).

As Pig Iron, Peter joins the Zoo Crew in Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew, and embarks on various adventures, including facing off against his former neighbor Wolfie, who has been transformed into a "Wuz-Wolf" (his world's version of a werewolf; in this case, a wolf who turned into a monstrous human). Pig Iron's personality, unlike Peter's, tended to be much more aggressive and abrasive, similar to that of the Fantastic Four's Thing, although this character finds his metal form to his liking.

With Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew canceled after its 20th issue in 1983, Peter (as either Pig Iron or his normal self) once more fell into disuse, and didn't appear in a DC comic for many years.

In Teen Titans #30-31 (December 2005-January 2006), Peter (as Pig-Iron) and the Zoo Crew made their first return appearance in stories presented as excerpts from a comic book story, "Whatever Happened To Captain Carrot?", that a character in the "real" DC Comics universe is reading in #30. In these stories, we see that the Zoo Crew has mostly disbanded and live in a somewhat "darker" world than the one of their prior adventures.

Little Cheese has been killed, Fastback has disappeared, Captain Carrot is in self-imposed retirement after the death of a former partner, the secret identities of Alley-Kat-Abra and Yankee Poodle are now public knowledge, and Pig-Iron and Rubberduck are operating as costumed heroes in secret. The story is a parody of the "grim and gritty" trend most often identified with late 1980s to 1990s superhero comics, including references to several of DC's own series (such as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen, including the "cover" of the Captain Carrot comic bearing a distinct resemblance to the cover of Watchmen #1).

In the end, after sending Alley-Kat-Abra to jail for murdering Little Cheese (her motive being that cats hate mice), Captain Carrot and the remaining Zoo Crew return to action with a new member, the last American Eagle, on their way to retrieve Fastback from the future (where Alley-Kat-Abra had banished him).

In the Countdown tie-in Captain Carrot and the Final Ark, October 2007, written by Bill Morrison, with art by co-creator Scott Shaw. The team reunite in the midst of growing strife between the land and the sea creatures of (newly re-classified) Earth-26 sparked in part by Starro. In the adventure, Pig-Iron is literally swallowed alive by Frogzilla but escapes with the help of Alley-Kat-Abra, who reunites with the Crew claiming that the crimes she is accused of were caused by an evil doppelgänger.

Unfortunately, the Crew's encounter with Starro left their powers neutralized except for Pig-Iron. Furthermore, that Earth is rendered uninhabitable and the Crew has an ocean liner loaded with refugees that was transported off the planet by the Just'a Lotta Animals. Pig-Iron takes the initiative and tackles Starro while insisting the ship makes its escape. He is last seen sinking in that flooded world fighting Starro while the ship is accidentally sent to New Earth.

Compliments - Wikipedia

Famous Pigs - Hamm

Famous Pigs - Hamm

Hamm is a witty talking ceramic piggy bank with a "belly-ring" made of cork who keeps losing his change. He is one of the main characters in both Toy Story and Toy Story 2, and is friends with the famous Mr. Potato Head. Hamm and Potato head often play together and celebrate by clapping hands with each other whenever something spectacular happenes. The voice of Hamm in the movies is performed by John Ratzenberger, best known for his role as Cliff the neurotic postman of Cheers fame.

Hamm also appears in car form, in the 2006 animated film Cars. In this film, Hamm is again voiced by Ratzenberger

Toy Story was set in a world where toys came to life when no people were around, and is a wonderful animated movie that people of all ages can enjoy.

Famous Pigs-Gordy

Famous Pigs - Gordy the Pig
The friendship between a boy and a talking piglet forms the basis of this barnyard comedy. Gordy is the cutest of famous pigs, a little porker who lives happily on a farm until the farmer goes bust and must sell everything, including Gordy's large family. When the wranglers come to load the pigs onto the truck, Gordy manages to escape. So begins his journey across the South as he searches for his doomed parents.

The plucky pig finds a friend when he saves the life of a drowning boy, Hanky Royce, the heir to his grandfather's giant corporation. When grandpa dies, Hanky become CEO, but cannot actually take over until he becomes an adult, so all control is turned over to Gordy. Naturally, avaricious corporate villains oppose him, and even try to kill the precocious pig, who, along with Hanky, continues trying to find his parents before they are ground into sausage.

Famous Pigs - Johnny

Famous Pigs - Johnny The Peppermint Pig

Lily, George, the famous pigs Theo and Poll live with their mother and coach-painter father, in a pretty little suburb in London.They are very happy and nothing prepares them for the sudden change in their circumstances. Their father is forced to quit his job. He leaves for America to seek his fortunes. The children go to live with their aunts in Norfolk, where their mother takes up dressmaking to make some money.

The Peppermint Pig is the story of that one year in Norfolk, when the children, especially Poll and Theo, try to adapt to the many changes in their lives– new people and places, the absence of a beloved parent, shortage of money. And then Johnny trots into their lives — the ‘peppermint pig’, who helps to make that difficult period more bearable with his antics.

Racy and humorous, with many bitter-sweet moments, The Peppermint Pig is immensely readable. It is easy to identify with Poll and Theo, especially Poll, who has a mind of her own and constantly questions the grown-ups. At the end of the book, both children are not the same – their experiences have made them a little wiser.

Nina Bawden has written seventeen novels for children, most of which have been widely translated and adapted for film or television. She has lived in London, Wales, Norfolk, Shropshire, and Greece and they all provide the settings for her novels. The Peppermint Pig takes place in Swaffham where her mother grew up.

Famous Pigs-Black Pig

Famous Pigs - The Black Pig (Celtic Legend)

The curiously named Black Pigs Dyke was one of the most dominant ancient boundary formations in the country. It is named after the legendary Black Pig which is reputed to have destroyed the Viking stronghold at Armagh and then fled westwards, gouging out her famous trench as she proceeded, until she was killed near Lough Gowna. At one time the Dyke, which was mainly defensive in purpose, was recognized as the ancient boundary between Ulster and the rest of the county. It can still be traced running south-easterly from Lough Gowna towards Lough Kinale in Co. Westmeath.

The Black Pig was a bristleless wild boar, and over the centuries has become representative of death and all things evil. The country folk say there is no shape more dangerous for a spirit to take than that of the pig.

An Irish legend tells the story of a man who met a pig along the road at night:

"There once was a man coming up the road from Gort to Garryland one night who taken taken a few drops of whisky. On the road ahead of him he saw a pig approaching, and because he had been drinking, shouted at the pig to get out of the way and took a kick at him. By the time he arrived home, his leg was swollen from hip to toe as big as an inflated garbage bag, the pain so intense he was nearly unconcious. His wife brought him to a woman in Rahasane who was known for her ability to cure all ailments. The journey was a long one, as the man was so much in pain he kept wanting to lie down on the road. When they finally arrived at the house of the healer, she knew all that had happened."It is well for you that your wife did not let you lie down on the road to fall asleep, she said, as you would have been a dead man!"

Famous Pigs - Maodou

Famous Pigs - Maodou

Maoudou is a pig from China. In Chinese "Maodou" means young soybeans. One of the favorite foods of Chinese pigs is "Maodou", hence the name connection. It's very difficult to find information on Maodou as it's all in Chinese, but he's a very popular comic character, and there is all sorts of merchandise available in his image. If you know anything about him please let us know!

Famous Pigs - Monokuru Boo

Famous Pigs - Monokuru Boo

The Japanese pigs Monokuro Boo were created by San-X, a company that specializes in the creation, production, and marketing of goods featuring cute characters. And so they have succeeded with these famous pigs. The ebony and ivory type characters were created as a deviation from the company’s usual multi-colored designs as a snub to the general marketing creed. The normal marketing dogma is that cute characters need to be bright and colorful in order to be successful, but the simplicity of MonokuRo Boo has proved them wrong.

The name of these famous pigs literally translates as “Monochrome Oink” and the black, white, and grey line of merchandise that they inspired has proved to be immensely successful. The popularity of these piggies has even inspired a Facebook group for those who love them and the products they happily endorse. Their tagline “Simply the Best” though proud is indeed quite fitting.

Monokuru Boo Facebook Group

Famous OPigs - Rosalie and Truffle

Rosalie and Truffle

Rosalie and Truffle are two heart warming characters who meet and fall in love beneath an apple tree. The two are characters born from the imagination of authoress Katja Reider. The two appear in her book Rosalie and Truffle, Truffle and Rosalie, Rosalie as the effervescent feminine pink pig, Truffle as a chocolate brown dreamer. The meet under the apple tree and experience pure bliss, but their road to happiness is hampered by the advice of friends and family. The book is quite unique in that from one direction it tells the story of Rosalie, if you turn it around and start from the back, it tells the story of Truffle. Both individual stories end in the center, the outcome being cleverly written by Reider.

The illustrator of these famous pigs is Jutta Bucker who also illustrated the children’s book Wiley and Jasper.

Famous Pigs - Floyd

Famous Pigs – Floyd the Pig

The latest of our famous pigs is Floyd. Floyd is the mascot of Olympian and twice National Champion United States Figure Skating Team member Jeremy Abbott. Jeremy is a big fan of flying pigs; his army of fans are designated as an air-force of the porky aviators known as Jer Force (pronounced Jair-Force) of which Floyd is the leader. Seems pigs are considered a good luck charm by the family Abbott, as Jeremy’s sister Gwen wears a knitted woollen piggy-faced cap to all of his meets. Gwen is also the designer behind Floyd.

Famous Pigs-Statue of Ahrus

Famous Pigs - The Famous Pigs Statue of Århus
The famous pigs statue of Århus Aarhus is the cultural capital of Jutland and one of the best cities in Denmark in which to appreciate this country’s unique heritage. There are several immaculately restored palaces in the area and a number of impressive museums dotted around the city. Art also plays a big part in Aarhus’ cultural scene, with both classic and contemporary artists being well-supported in this town. this famous statue/fountain is located in the main town square.

Famous Pigs-Pigasus

Famous Pigs - Pigasus
Pigasus, not so famous as most of our famous pigs, was a satiric candidate for President of the United States for the Youth International Party (Yippies). The pig's name was a play on Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology. Led by Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, Pigasus's candidacy was announced during the massive protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. After this episode, Pigasus was a member of the Hog Farm group, and moved with them. The candidate was also featured in a later New York City parade that started at the Gansevoort Street garbage pier on the Hudson River and proceeded to Tompkins Square Park in the East Village.

Famous Pigs-Hogzilla


Famous Pigs - Hogzilla
The Godzilla of famous pigs was Hogzilla, a wild hog that was shot and killed in Alapaha, Georgia, United States, on 17 June 2004 by Chris Griffin on Ken Holyoak's farm and hunting reserve. It was alleged to be 12 feet (3.6 meters) long and to weigh 1,000 pounds (450 kg). Originally it was considered a hoax.

Its remains were exhumed in early 2005 and studied by scientists from the National Geographic for a documentary. In March 2005, these scientists confirmed that Hogzilla actually weighed 800 pounds (360 kg) and was between 7.5 and 8 feet (2.25 and 2.4 meters) long, diminishing the validity of the previous claim, but still making this famous pig a monster! Hogzilla was part domestic (Hampshire breed) and part wild boar. However, compared to most wild boars and domestics, Hogzilla is still quite a large and extraordinary specimen, and a deserved place in our famous pigs Hall of Fame!

Famous Pigs-Max

Famous Pigs - Max
Max was the Vietnamese black bristled potbellied pig pet of George Clooney, often referred to as "Max the Star" by Clooney. Max shared Clooney's Hollywood Hills home, also his bed, and frequently made cameos in interviews, mostly because of its enormous size. Max is often credited with saving Clooney's life by waking him up before an earthquake in Los Angeles on January 16, 1994. In 2006 the pig was taken for a flight in John Travolta's private jet.

Max was bought by Clooney in 1988 as a gift for his former girlfriend Kelly Preston. Max used to have a special cattle-pen and its own corner in the garage of Clooney's manor. The hog was seriously injured in 2001 when one of Clooney's friends accidentally ran it over with his car. Weighing 300 pound (over 130 kg), Max died in Los Angeles of natural causes, as has been stated by Clooney's press secretary Stan Rosenfield. Initially, Max, who had arthritis and was partly blind, was falsely reported to have died in January 2005. Max had a massive appetite and would squeal every morning until he was fed.

Famous Pigs-Tamworth Two

Famous Pigs - The Tamworth Two
The Tamworth Two were a pair of pigs who escaped while being unloaded from a lorry at an abattoir in the English town of Malmesbury, Wiltshire in January 1998. The pigs (later named "Butch" and "Sundance" after Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) were on the run for over a week, and the search for them caused a huge media sensation, as well as immense public interest, both in Britain and abroad.

Butch (a sow) and Sundance (a boar) were sister and brother Tamworth Ginger pigs. Both were five months old when they were taken by lorry by their owner to V & G Newman's Abattoir in Malmesbury on 8 January 1998. Just after they were unloaded from the truck, the two pigs escaped by squeezing through a fence, then swimming across the River Avon and escaping into nearby gardens.

The two pigs spent most of their week of freedom in a dense thicket near Tetbury Hill. As the story of their escape broke, media interest in the escaped pigs soared across the country, the press dubbing the pair "Butch and Sundance" after the American outlaws. The American NBC network and several Japanese media outlets were among the international media to show a great interest in the story and to send reporters to cover the tale.

The pigs were estimated to be worth between £40-50 each, and their owner, Arnoldo Dijulio, stated that he still intended to send the pair to slaughter should they be recaptured. After making this statement, Dijulio was offered large sums of money by media outlets and animal lovers to save them from the dinner table. Eventually, the Daily Mail newspaper bought the pigs from Dijulio in return for exclusive rights to their story.

Butch was eventually captured on the evening of 15 January, when she and Sundance were spotted foraging in the garden of a local couple, Harold and Mary Clarke. Sundance escaped into the thicket once again, but was flushed out the next day by two springer spaniels, and tranquilised with a dart gun. He was taken to a veterinary surgery to recover over the weekend.

The two pigs now live – courtesy of the Daily Mail – at the Rare Breeds Centre, an animal sanctuary near Ashford in Kent.

Famous Pigs-Noelle

Famous Pigs - Noelle Designing Women
Noelle was Suzanne Sugerbaker's pet pig in the television series Designing Women. Her maid, Consuela Valverde, presented Suzanne with a pet pig whom she named Noelle, because she was given to Suzanne as a Christmas gift. Not wanting to slaughter her, Suzanne grows genuinely fond of Noelle and dresses her in rhinestone collars and regularly takes her to the Dairy Queen in her Mercedes convertable. Noelle's favorite dessert is a Buster Bar, though that, like most other things, probably gives her gas. Suzanne actually thinks of Noelle as her friend, and she goes out and buys a semi-automatic rifle to protect her when she receives phone calls threatening to barbeque her pig. Suzanne's co-workers find it all very odd and are less than genuinely sympathetic when her pig runs away and is never found.

Famous Pigs-Arnold Ziffle

Famous Pigs - Arnold Ziffle Green Acres
Arnold Ziffle is definitely one of my favorite famous pigs. He was the "son" of Fred and Doris Ziffle (Hank Patterson and Barbara Pepper; later Fran Ryan) characters from the "Green Acres" tv show originally broadcast on CBS from September 15, 1965 to September 7, 1971. Green Acres was about Oliver Wendell Douglas (Eddie Albert), an accomplished, erudite and rich New York attorney who was acting on his lifelong dream to be a farmer, and Lisa Douglas (Eva Gabor), his glamorously bejeweled Hungarian wife, dragged unwillingly from the privileged city life she adored to a bucolic life on a ramshackle farm.

Arnold is a 250-pound adolescent pig who watches television, is writing a book, visits Washington on scholarship, and ultimately falls in love with Mr. Haney's pet basset hound. In one episode, "A Star Named Arnold is Born, Part I", Arnold the pig steps in for Columbo, Newt Kiley's dog in the Hooterville production of "Who", and is an instant star. Lisa calls a Hungarian Hollywood producer friend of hers and gets Arnold an audition. Oliver, Lisa, Eb, and Arnold are bound for Hollywood. Arnold is a smash! He backs out of his success however when he talks to a horse (who resembles Mister Ed). The horse is out of work because of Arnold, and Arnold feels horrible, so decides to return home.

An urban legend says that the pig who played Arnold was cooked and eaten by the cast after the show ended. In reality, several different pigs were used during the show's run, none of which was ever eaten by the cast. Trainer Frank Inn used a smaller, female pig in later seasons, giving Arnold some obvious mammary ducts. The pig actors were dissimilar in more ways than one (as with the two actresses who played Doris) - for example, one Arnold had tufts of grey hair behind his ears, giving him an aged look. Yet another Arnold has spots that others lack. This may have been an intentional goof by producers for comedic effect. (Other sources point out that Arnold was actually played by a PIGLET, and because piglets grow quickly on the way to becoming adult pigs, many different piglets had to be used in the role of Arnold during the show's production run.)

Famous Pigs - Clarissa

Famous Pigs - Clarissa (South Africa)

Clarissa is the "Star" of Fairy Knowe backpackers hostel in Wilderness, South Africa. Wilderness is a small town on the coast, situated between the towns of George and Knynsa on South Africa's Garden Route. She is obviously popular with the guests who stay there, as she is mentioned in almost every review of Fairy Knowe. One guest cautions....."watch out for the pig, she's faster than she looks"!

Famous Pigs - Berta

Famous Pigs - Berta

A German pot-bellied pig called Berta has passed an audition to star in an opera. Moenchengladbach opera house had been looking for a pig to take part in its new production of Friedrich von Flotows' Martha or Richmond Market. Six pigs had originally been registered for the casting but two dropped out because they were too nervous and one got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the audition.

Of the final three candidates Berta, Niklas and Emma, it was Berta who finally won the role. Director Bernd Mottl told the Westdeutsche Zeitung that Berta's main job would be "just to stand about" and "simply be a pig". The choice has been approved by a local vet who says pot-bellied pigs are more stress-resistant that normal farm pigs.

And Mottl told Berta's owners they could already start preparing her for the opening night on June 11. "If you can, put a personal stereo on her at nights with some of Flotows' music," he suggested. "Then she can already practise a little."

Famous Pigs-Albert

Famous Pigs - Albert

Our latest famous pig is Albert, who stars in the movie "College Road Trip" starring Martin Lawrence and Raven Symone. In this surprise-free comedy, the ever-louder Martin Lawrence is an overprotective dad who commandeers a trek his daughter (Raven-Symoné) takes from their Midwest home to her dream school in D.C., making pit stops for lame gags involving Tasers, skydiving, and the family's pet pig, Albert along the way.

Some Useful Information About Owning Pot Bellied Pigs

Famous Pigs-Francis

Famous Pigs - Francis the Pig
One of the least known of famous pigs is Francis, possibly because of his home in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. The legend of Francis began in July 1990 when this pig escaped from a local slaughterhouse, possibly inspired by the movie the BBC made about the Tamworth Two! For nearly five months the fugitive roamed throughout Red Deer's parklands, eluding predators and several attempts of recapture. This freedom loving pig was finally captured and spent his remaining life on a local farm. There is now a monument dedicated to him in Red Deer.

Famous Pigs-Barry

Famous Pigs - Barry the Pig
From Masterton, New Zealand we have one of the most curious and comical famous pigs! And maybe one of the happiest too! Barry was the special friend of Wairarapa man whose friendship made headlines in Australia and around the world in the early 1980s.

Ivan Churcher and his pet pig Barry shared more than just friendship and fun times together - they shared a fondness for cannabis that brought both of them to the attention of the law and international media. Churcher, who lived most of his life in rural South Wairarapa, was arrested for possession of cannabis, cultivating 380 cannabis plants and having a pipe for smoking the drug.

He pleaded guilty in Masterton District Court and his novel excuse - that he was growing the plants not only for his own use but also for Barry - was not only accepted by the court but has become part of Wairarapa folklore. The prosecuting sergeant at the time, John Johnston, who is now Masterton police area controller, conceded that "one smokes it and the other eats it" and that it was likely the pig was addicted to cannabis.

Instead of feeling the full weight of the law for his transgressions, Churcher was given a minimum punishment, 75 hours community service. The resulting news story of the court appearance was published through New Zealand, Australia and Britain and even made it to the prestigious New York Times.

Churcher first met Barry in 1976 when he was on a hunting trip in the Haurangi Ranges. He caught the little piglet which was then about two days old and decided to take him home. Barry proved to be a super intelligent pet who would sit on command and come when called. He also learned to share a smoke and a bottle of beer which he would pick up in his mouth and drain before placing the bottle back down on the floor.

The pig also did his bit for charity, often appearing at shows for people to try to guess his weight, or how many biscuits he could eat in 24 hours. He enjoyed nothing better than to be given a soapy bath and a wash down with the garden hose afterwards.

Churcher was involved in several environmental campaigns, being passionately anti 1080 poison that he claimed was killing wildlife, other than the possums it was intended for, and also many birds. He also spoke out against those who abused fishing laws by taking undersized crayfish, saying that if sheep farmers went about killing their capital stocks in the same way they would go bust. Churcher moved north but returned to Wairarapa in his last years and died recently. Perhaps he and Barry will meet again at The Rainbow Bridge.

Famous Pigs-Boris

Famous Pigs - Boris the Pot Bellied Pig
Boris is a Pot Bellied Pig that lives in a specially constructed house in South Eastern Wisconsin. His "Pig Palace", or "Mason du Swine" as he prefers to call it, has its own legal street address in Jefferson County. The structure is equipped with a pig-height window, central vaccuming and separate electrical service, for which he receives a monthly bill from Wisconsin Electric. Another notable feature is the home's barrier-free design; a ramp permits wheel-chair access. He doesn't have a job, but spends his time making sure that he is well cared for, and asserting his dominance over his household.

Famous Pigs - The Wonder Pigs

Famous Pigs - The Wonder Pigs (Australia)

Allow me to introduce you to "The Wonder Pigs" - Porky Pig, Holly-Honey ("The Sexy Sow"), Peppa Pig and Bacon. These Performing Porkers are truly the most amazing pigs you'll ever meet, and over the past few years, have entertained thousands of people around Australia and have appeared many times on television.

Porky Pig turns 5 in December 2007. He has a wonderful temperament and he is very loyal and obedient. His training began at 6 weeks, he did his first live performance at 12 weeks and has been performing ever since. He can do 16 different tricks, and his performance is similar to a dog agility trial circuit. All the obstacles and props are set up prior to the show and he does his tricks on command. There is little known about Porky Pig's breed. It has been suggested that his breed may be related to the Awaparra Island Pigs of New Zealand as there are many similarities. Porky currently weighs 170kg.

Holly-Honey turned 8 in July 2007. She is best known for her appearance, always wearing her nail polish, make up, wigs, tutus and accessories. Holly-Honey is Australia's most photographed pig. She has been photographed with thousands of fans and admirers, especially children, and has famous celebrity friends. Her performance has audience participation from adults and children. Holly-Honey is a cross-bred Saddle Back and she weighs a shapely 180kg.

Peppa Pig turns 2 in September 2007. She has been trained to do many tricks, and will eventually take over when Holly-Honey retires, and she will become "The Sexy Sow". She has a lovely nature and loves dressing up and being around people.

Bacon is the latest Wonder Piglet, he turned 1 in August 2007. He can do all the tricks Porky can do and some that Porky has out grown.

Peppa's and Bacon's breed is not known either, they are probably cross-bred farm pigs that have been bred down to a manageable size.

The Wonder Pigs have performed at a number of Agricultural Shows in NSW & Victoria, at places which include Nowra, Tumut (3), Cowra, Tumbarumba, Goulburn, Lockhart, West Wyalong, Picton, Narrandera (2), Griffith, Leeton (3), Bulli, Rutherglen (2), Adelong (2), Batlow, Talbingo, Myrtleford (3), Finley, Talbingo, Red Hill, Yarrawonga, The Rock and Echuca.

They have also entertained at St. Joseph's College (Sydney), children's pet shows, community centres and nursing homes. They have raised money for charities and have performed at the Westmead Children's Hospital & Ronald McDonald House (Sydney), as well as the Central Victorian Special Children's Christmas Party at Bendigo.

They have appeared on television many times, on shows such as A Current Affair, Today/Tonight, Harry's Practice, The Today Show, Sunrise, Our Place, local and national news, children's programmes, European television, two different South Korean television networks and recently on "Amazing Animals" in Japan. They have also appeared on Discovery Channel's Animal Planet.

There is "Wonder Pigs" merchandise available, such as key rings, fridge magnets, pens and glossy photos.

The Wonder Pigs stay the whole day at a Show, regardless of what time they perform, so that people can see these wonderful animals close up and perhaps have their photo taken with them. The Show is not only entertaining but educational as well. It is an opportunity to learn a little about pigs, as pets, their behaviour, how to train them, health care, piglet sales and much more, as well as answering any questions.

Famous Pigs-Bud

Famous Pigs - Bud
Bud was the world's most expensive pig! He was purchased by E.A. "Bud" Olson and his partner Phil Bonzio from Jefferey Roemisch of Hermleigh, Texas for the sum of $56,000.00 USD. "Bud" was a crossbreed barrow from Texas.

Famous Pigs-Bill

Famous Pigs - Bill the Pig
Bill was the largest pig recorded in history, a 5 foot high, 9 foot long Poland China hog, who weighed 2,552 pounds. He was over 9 feet long with a belly that dragged on the ground. Big Bill was owned by Burford Butler of Jackson Tennessee in the year 1933.

Recently Chinese officials figure a 1,980-pound pig that died from lack of exercise has a shot at being named the world's biggest pig. They plan to apply for a listing in the Guinness Book of Records. The pig, which was 8 feet 3 inches long, is already the heaviest ever reported in China. It had a girth of 7 feet 3 inches and its tusks were 5 3/4 inches long when it died February 5, 2007.

The pig lived to be 5 years old -- considered long in China, where most pigs are slaughtered by age 3 -- and was kept in a nicely built sty, but it had "grown too big to move around," said Liu Mingyu, a professor at Liaoning University, who said it died from lack of exercise. China's previous heaviest pig weighed in at 1,540 pounds, Liu said.

Famous Pigs - Kotetsu
Kotetsu is a pot-bellied pig from Japan who holds the world high-jump record for pigs! he achieved his record breaking jump on the 24th of August, 2004 when he lept a height of 70 cm (27.5 in) at the Mokumoku Tedsukuri Farm, Mie, Japan. Who says pigs cant fly?

Famous Pigs of the Chinese Zodiac

Of course there are people who were born in the Chinese Year of the Pig. The following list includes some of the more famous pig personalities!

Bryan Adams, Woody Allen, Julie Andrews, Fred Astaire, Sir Richard Attenborough, Lucille Ball, Bobby Davro, Humphrey Bogart, Richard Chamberlain, Maria Callas, Hillary Clinton, Glenn Close, Noel Coward, the Dalai Lama, Sheena Easton, Henry Ford, Emmylou Harris, Jean Harlow, Ernest Hemingway, Henry VIII, King Hussein of Jordan, Thomas Jefferson, Elton John, Carl Gustav Jung, Nastassja Kinski, Kevin Kline, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Marie Osmond, Luciano Pavorotti, Prince Rainer of Monaco, Ronald Reagan, Lee Remick, John D. Rockefeller, Ginger Rogers, Peter Sampras, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tupac Shakur, Steven Spielberg, Emma Thompson, Topol, Michael Winner, Tracey Ullman, George Washington, Tennessee Williams and the Duchess of York.

Famous Pigs - Ferrous

Famous Pigs - Pork Chop/Ferrous

"Pork Chop" was the name given to the mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies new Triple-A affiliate. the Phillies, however, quickly dropped the endearing name when Hispanics complained that it was offensive.

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs, whose mascot is a large, furry pig, had selected PorkChop from more than 7,300 fan submissions. The team, which begins play in 2008, announced Monday that the mascot will be named "Ferrous" instead.

General Manager Kurt Landes said he heard from several Hispanics who said PorkChop was derogatory. It is never clearly expressed as to why Hispanics consider this a deragatory name.

"We were really unaware of any negative connotations with the word 'pork chop,"' he said. "But if it offended a few, it's a few too many."

PorkChop had been submitted by 32 fans. The replacement name, Ferrous — from the Latin word "ferrum," or iron — received the most fan nominations, with 235. So, say hello to "Ferrous" our newest famous pig.

Famous Pigs - Cllian Murphy

Famous Pigs - Pig and Runt

Disco Pigs was a play written by Enda Walsh adapted into a film in 2001. Drected by Kirsten Sheridan; the daughter of filmmaker Jim Sheridan, it starred Cillian Murphy, playing the role of Pig on the stage.

The film/ play revolves around the intense relationship of the two teenage protagonists, Darin and Sinead; nicknamed "Pig" and "Runt". Pig and Runt were born at the same hospital at nearly the same time and grow up right next door to each other. This brings about a very close relationship between the two that borders on telepathic. The two talk in their own idiosyncratic "language." The two characters live in their own separate world and barely communciate with the world around them. However up until their seventeenth year, their relationship remains one of friendship, albeit a very intense unhealthy one.

Eventually however, Runt catches and reciprocates the attentions of another young man from her school just as Pig begins to notice Runt. As their seventeenth birthdays draws closer Pig's violent nature becomes more and more obvious and his romantic intentions towards Runt becomes confirmed when he kisses her after a rampage at a disco. Runt however does not want to give Pig what he wants of her. However she doesn't know how to reject him therefore continues her friendship with him feeling awkward and caged. Pig remains very protective of Runt and finally their closeness raises the concerns of the school they attend. They are separated and Runt is sent away to boarding school. Pig is crushed by this and decides to track down Runt and make her his again. This starts off a irreversible chain of events that will ultimately end in tragedy.

We hope you've enjoyed our section on famous pigs. As I mentioned earlier, if you can think of any that we have admitted, please let us know using the contact form below. Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th That's all folks!

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