Colors of the Rainbow - Celebrating Life Through Colour!

Celebrate the colors of the Rainbow with us!

Rainbows are beautiful, somewhat mystical, somehow magical and always bring a smile to our hearts with their majestic beauty. Promises have been made on them, legends have been built around them and dreams have been inspired by them. Accordingly they have inspired the name and theme of our online magazine and journal.

The colors of the rainbow in themselves have different meanings and evoke feelings and beliefs unique to each of them. In every culture any given color stands as a symbol of something or is used to designate some emotion, tradition or even an institution.

Our website celebrates the colors of the rainbow with a variety of themed sections reflecting the things that color our lives and which we enjoy sharing with you. Our different colored sections and their contents are indexed below.

Red is celebrated through Chinese Myths and the Chinese Zodiac and some Chinese Recipes too!

Orange is a colour of rebirth and change, growth and vitality. It is believed that wearing the colour Orange can balance the emotions when undergoing stressful times. Orange represents endurance and warm, healing energy. It is appropriate then, that our Orange pages are dedicated to Qi GongTai Chi and Daoism.

Yellow are being transformed.

Green features Ireland and Irish Myths and Legends, even some Irish Recipes.

Blue is celebrated with a section on Bermuda and the Bermuda Triangle mystery.

Indigo revels in Rainbows themselves.

Violet symbolizing nobility is celebrated with a section devoted to the Noble Pig.

There are many topics within topics on the pages of our different sections. Click on a highlighted link at any time within a paragraph to go to a detailed and informative article on that particular subject. Please subscribe to our RSS on any of our pages to receive regular updates about new articles and additions to this website, as it is a continual work in progress.

Come on in and browse around, we hope that you find our site interesting and informing, and that you have as much fun here as we do!

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