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Since we still haven't found our place to settle down & are constantly on the move, I decided to do this Online Pig Museum for you, so you can at least enjoy my pig collections online until one day I am able to open a real museum :@)

Pig Collections-Box

Keepsake Box

Pig Collections-Candles


Pig Collections-Cap


Pig Collections-Cellphone Flash strap

Cellphone Flash Strap

Pig Collections-Earings


Pig Collections-Dolls


Pig Collections-FengShui Charm

"The Orchard Pig" Sparking Apple Juice

Pig Collections-Finger Ring

Finger Ring

Pig Collections- Neckstrap

Neck Strap

Pig Collections-office supplies

Office Supplies

Pig Collections-Office Workstation

Daniela's Office Workstation

Pig Collections-pen


Pig Collections-clip

Photo Clip

Pig Collections-shirts

Sweater & T-shirts

Pig Collections-toydolls

Squeezie Toys

Pig Collections-umbrella


Pig Collections-wallets


Pig Collections-morewallets

More Wallets

Pig Collections - Misc. Figurines

Misc. Figurines

Pig Collections - Nightlight

Night Light

Pig Collections - Peeler

Vegetable Peeler

Pig Collections - Piggy bank

Piggy Bank

Pig Collections - Saltshaker

Salt Shaker

Salt and Pepper Shaker

Salt and Pepper Shakers


Soap Dispenser

Pig Collections - Squeeze Toy

Squeeze Toy

Pig Collections - Stamps


Pig Collections - More Stamps

More Stamps

Pig Collections - Sticker


Pig Collections - Sunglasses


Pig Collections - Utensil Station

Utensil Stations

Pig Collections - Wooden Pig

Wooden Pig

pig candle


pig egg cup

Egg Cups

another egg cup

pig egg warmer

Egg Warmer

pig bib

Pig Bib

pig ceramic plaque

Pig Ceramic Plaques

another ceramic plaque

pig picture

Picture (collage)

pig flower pot holder

drink named blue pig

Pig Drink :o) "Blue Pig" (carbonated energy drink)

piggie stamp

Stamps with Pig

stamp with pig

piggie bank with hammer

piggie bank with name

hmmm there must have been some sort of turbulences between the 2 piggie banks... well, the winner had clearly the hammer advantage :o)

picture made by my brother

This is a picture painted by my brother many moons ago :o)))

suction cup facecloth holders

Suction Cup Facecloth Holders

Towel Hanger

Towel Hanger

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