Danny's Pig Collection

pig hat, piggie hat, schweine muetze, schweine mutze

It's a given that with Danny's love of pigs she should have a pig collection, and that she does! Daniela has been collecting pigs since she was 11 when she had amassed a total of 5 pigs. Her collection now totals around 1000. Danny says she wanted to collect something with meaning, and being that pigs are a symbol of good luck in Germany, she decided that luck would not be such a bad thing to collect! Since then she has been blessed with me! It works!

This is but a small sample of some of the different pigs she has collected over the years, actually during the last 8 years since we have been together. The rest are stored at her parents house in Germany. Sooner or later we'll have to transport them here. Any volunteers?

All said, here's Danny's pigs!

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Pig Collection Hairbrush


Pig Collection Kissing Pigs

Kissing Pigs

see them in action? just click on the picture and a 4 second video on youtube will pop-up :@)

Pig Collection Kitchen Items

Kitchen Items

Pig Collection Kleenex Cover

Kleenex Box Cover

Pig Collection Misc.

Miscellaneous Bathroom Item Piggies (wash cloth, peeler, hooks, nivea cream & nail brush)

Pig Collection Oriental

Oriental Lantern Decoration

Pig Collection Picture frames

Picture Frames

Pig Collection banks

Piggie Banks

the left one is a very old piggie bank digged out of the grounds of Bermuda by my husband while building an electric fence :O)

the right one is from a chinese market in Belfast during the celebrations of the chinese new year "Year of the Golden Pig" in 2007

Pig Collection Piglet

Piglet Pen

Pig Collection Pillow

Pillow (We call her Line! hehehehe)

Pig Collection Sprout Farm

Sprout Farm (if you place this pig in water over night, it will grow HUGE!!)

Pig collection Stuffed Pig

Hot-Water Bottle Pig (the bottle goes inside the pig)

Pig Collection More Stuffed Piggies

Stuffed Piggies

Pig Collection Table Vaccuum

Table Vaccuum

Pig Collection Teapot


Pig Collection Trinkets


Pig Collection Tupperware Containers

Tupperware Container & Napkin Ring

Pig Collection Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament

Another Christmas Ornament

Easter Ornament

Pig Collection Cellphone Case

Cellphone Case

Pig Collection Candleholders

Candleholders & Candle Topper

Pig Collection Candles


Pig Collection Cellphone Trinket

Cellphone Trinket

Pig Collection Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet w/ 1 Piggie & 1 Bermuda Pig Coin

Pig Collection Cookoo Clock

Cookoo Clock - On The Hour a very cute little grunting piggie appears out of the little window in the top of the clock :O) My parents found this adorable clock in Germany & mailed it all the way to Bermuda to me to enhance my collection!! Especially admirable are the face expressions of first-time-visitors that experience the piggies appearance :o)))

Pig Collection Glasses

Glass (front & back view)

Pig Collection Handbag

Piggie Handbag - This lovely handbag was given to me a long time ago by a dear friend of mine - and as you can see, it travelled with me from Germany to Bermuda and Ireland :o) along with the piggie shoes later on in this collection :o)

Pig Collection Puppets

Finger Puppet - this cute finger puppet was mailed by a friend of mine from Peru. Along with another piggie (pls see above: stuffed pigs - its the big one with the heart on it) it comes from her hometown: Lima.

Save cruising, A!

Pig Collection - Candle


Pig Collection - Card

Foldable Birthday Card with a flying Pig

Pig Collection - Clay Pig

Clay Pig

Pig Collection - Cups

Cup (front & back view)

Pig Collection - Egg Cup

Egg Cup

Pig Collection - Figurine


Pig Collection - Glasses Case

Glasses Case

Pig Collection - Iron Pig

Iron Pig From India - the heaviest Pig of my collection :o)

Pig Collection - Kegels


Pig Collection - Light




pig collection binky

Baby's Pacifier

pig collection ceramic figurines

Ceramic Figurines

pig collection candle

Pig Candle

pig collection candle

Pig Candle - made by a school-friend of mine a looong time ago :o) a pitty we lost touch, but the pig will always remember me of the fun times we had as detectives in the woods :o)))

pig collection cookie cutter

Cookie Cutter

cooking spoon

Cooking Spoon

pig figurine

Pig Figurine

flying pig

Flying Pig (battery operated) - watch your head when you enter our home :o)))

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