Welcome To Granny Flanagan's Kitchen - General Old fashioned and Irish Recipes

Granny Flanagan bakes and cooks the old fashioned way. Her recipes have been handed down to her from her mother, who got them from her mother!

As you can imagine, Granny's dishes are a little different than what you see in the cookbooks today, though over the years she has "spiced them up" with some modern techniques and her own additions.

In these times of modern convenience with all of its wonderful gadgets and electric appliances, you won't find any of that in Granny Flanagan's kitchen. Well okay, she does use them now and then, but some appliances are practical, and she is 87!

However, wooden spoons, rolling pins and deep earthen bowls still line her counters and she still cooks the old fashioned way. No instant cake mix, artificial flavorings or the like can be found here, and I must say, there's something to be said for "Ye Ole Fashioned"!

My niece Tiahna enjoying some of Granny Flanagan's chocolate cake.

We have managed to convince Granny Flanagan to part with some of her favorite recipes, or I should rather be honest and say we have managed to bribe her enough to share them with us. (She's not old fashioned when it comes to money)! She has however thrown in some priceless tips and advice gained from her over 70 years of experience in the kitchen. Keep in mind that Granny Flanagan assumes all women know how to cook and bake, and if they don't they should, so some of her recipes might be a little vague on instructions, but what's left out is "common sense" she says. General baking times and mixing procedures are all she's talking about.

Her instructions will give you an idea of how they used to cook in days gone by and what they considered yummy, like her old fashioned Molasses cookies, Gingerbread and Peach Ice Cream! I find it really interesting to watch her cook the same way today as she has done for all those years (and a little bit fattening, so be prepared to exercise!), and some of her concoctions are awesomely good!

Granny Flanagan's has also given us some traditional and authentic Irish recipes. Her Irish deserts are very tasty, especially her Irish Whiskey cake, and she also been sweet enough to share the way she makes traditional Irish soda bread with us.

So come on in, have a look around and whet your appetite, and "Bon Apetit"!

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