Potbellied Pigs - Pig and Child

As I mentioned earlier, potbellied pigs have a pack or herd mentality and seek to dominate their environment. As adults we are able to overcome this trait by establishing our own dominance from the beginning over our pet pig.

However, as pigs mature they may become agressive towards other animals and also small children. It is important that you teach your children also from the beginning how to relate with your new pet.

Never allow the kids to hit or mistreat your pig, they have good memories and will develop a resentment towards their mistreater. Essentially include the children in training sessions, instructing them in the proper way to handle and direct your pot belly.

The way to give potbellied pigs a meaningful shove is with your knee or shin, to their shoulder. This seems to get the point across to them. To get them to understand the meaning of a word you've chosen to correct them with, you must use body language first, then add your command word repeatedly afterward. Potbellied pigs don't understand what words mean, to think so would be to assume they are so intelligent as to understand our human language, they simply understand body language and associate it with the key words that you use.

Very young children shouldn't be left alone with pigs ever, as you well know, unintentionally and simply out of curiosity, the child may do something to antagonize it.

Potbellied Pigs - Pig and Cat Potbellied pigs and cats living together is no reason for concern. Pigs are seemingly indifferent towards cats, and cats enjoy using the pigs as a recliner or couch, snuggly either up against them or even on top of them if the pig is so inclined.

Potbellied Pigs - Pig and Dog

Dogs and potbellied pigs are a different story. The natural relationship between dogs and pigs is one of predator and prey, and if left alone together, this relationship may take its natural course. They can get along, depending on the individual personalities of the animals, but should never be left alone together.

Especially do not feed them together! The pig of course loves food, and dogs are very possesive of theirs. Feeding them together, or even in close proximity of each other is a disaster waiting to happen, and the pig will come off the worst. There have even been instances where dogs and pigs have lived together and gotten along for years, but one day with the right circumstances, or i should say the wrong circumstances, the poor pig has been mauled.

The squealing of the pig can especially cause the dog to lose it, so extra care should be taken with piglets.

Following these guidlines and exercising common sense will help all to live in harmony, and make life for you, your potbellied pig, children and other pets relatively stress free, happy and healthy.

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