Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability

A Brief Summary of the Most Popular Compatable Matches in Chinese astrology

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Rat and Monkey The Rat and the Monkey can make an unstopable pair. The Monkey being the creative powerhouse of these signs, with many talents and the ability to master just about anything, can be assisted in focusing that creative energy by the organised and systematic Rat. The Rat with his great leadership skills can be a motivating force for the Monkey, who can be prone to distraction by his love of entertaining and mischief. The Rat on the otherhand, whose feelings can be easily hurt by disloyalty, or even what he/she percieves as disloyalty, will do well with the loyal and trustworthy Monkey. Any energy usually spent in guarding their heart can be invested in a more lucrative undertaking. Any project these two commence together is bound to be an overwhelming success as both are driven, determined and share a mutual appreciation for loyalty and trust.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Rat and Ox Both of these signs are born leaders, they're both very systematic, and both are hard working. Side by side they can move mountains. The Ox being tireless and uncomplaining in his efforts though needs to be careful not to allow him/herself not to be taken advantage of by the Rat who, remember can be very manipulating. Another excellent love partner for the Rat, the Ox is very loyal, truthful and sincere, qualities much appreciated and needed in a partner by the cautious Rat. The Rat with his/her charisma and sharp demeanour, and the Ox being articulate and eloquent, can make a formidable pair.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Rat and Dragon Blessed with tremendous energy, intelligence and talent, the Dragon is another creative force who can be assisted by the industrious organized Rat. Both of these Chinese Zodiac signs are mutually attracted to each other's natural wit and sharpness. The flamboyant Dragon makes an excellent partner for the socially concious Rat, who must be careful not to use his Dragon partner to solely further his/her social advantages. On the other hand, an unbalanced Dragon's lust for passion and power could cause insecurity in the guarded Rat.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Ox and Snake The Snake in Chinese astrology does not suffer the injustice of being representative of someone slithery and slimy, rather it is considered to be simpbly the most enigmatic or mystic sign of all. Though the Snake surely has a fondness for the good things in life, their innate elegance gives them a dislike for frivolities and foolish talk. This makes them compatable with the Ox who doesn't like the thought of living off credit cards or being in debt. The Snake enjoys stimulating conversation, and will find that the the Ox, who can be eloquent and articulate, satisfies this need of theirs. The Ox is also a great stabilizer for the Snake, who can occassionaly wander off track. Again, both of these Chinese Zodiac signs are hard working and focused in pursuit of a goal and can accomplish great things together.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Ox and Rabbit The dependable, calm and modest Ox makes and excellent partner for the sensitive and anxious Rabbit. The Ox being a logical and conservative leader can help the Rabbit in his/her quest for a secure comfortable environment. Because of the dependability and strong nature of the Ox, the Rabbit is able to relax and consequently thrive, allowing its caring and hospitable qualities to shine through. Not much at all negative in this pairing of Chinese zodiac signs, a match made for domestic bliss!

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Tiger and Dragon The Tiger's natural enjoyment of meeting interesting and outstanding people makes him/her naturally drawn to the flamboyant Dragon. While Dragons can be a little unpredictable and prone to overindulging in their passions, Tigers enjoy the unpredictable and unexpected and so are inspired by the challenge the Dragon personality presents. Both being charismatic characters, there is a natural electricity between them, and a relationship between these two Chinese Zodiac signs is stimulating to each. The Dragon keeps the Tiger's interest, while the Tiger gives a needed sense of stability to the passionate Dragon.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Tiger and Horse Thge free-spirited Horse is a good match for the somewhat mysterious Tiger. Both of these Chinese Zodiac signs are clever and cunning and can make a unique and formidable team. The Horse personality needs lots of liberty and the confident Tiger is capable of giving the Horse its needed space. Again, the somewhat impulsive nature of the Horse is complimented by the Tiger's ability to handle the unpredictable. The natural warmth of each of these signs can make for a very loving relationship.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Tiger and Dog The Dog, who finds weakness intolerable, is matched perfectly with the strong Tiger, while the Tiger appreciates the undivided loyalty of the Dog. Both of these Chinese Zodiac signs are appreciative of straight-forwardedness and frankness, which makes for great communication between the two. The intelligence and idealism of the Dog satisfies the Tiger's need to be with interesting and outstanding people and both signs will flourish in this relationship.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Rabbit and Snake The scholarly and intelectual Rabbit finds a good match in the Snake, a thinker who enjoys interesting conversation. The conservative Rabbit is introduced to some of the finer things in life they usually wouldn't experience because of their dislike of risk taking by the Snakes mature and reasonable approach to luxurious pursuits. The Snake is attracted to the Rabbit's cultured and well mannered personality, while the Rabbit takes confidence in the Snake's ability to act with speed and conviction when faced with a dilemna.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability -Rabbit and Sheep These two are made for each other. Both signs do not like aggressiveness or conflict and so can be quite comfortable in a relationship. The only danger is that conflict may go unresolved totally, so a balance must be struck. Otherwise the Sheep, who can sometimes need too much attention, is appeased by the ever attentive Rabbit. The artistic flair of the Sheep is a perfect match for the Rabbit who places importance on color and design.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Dragon and Snake The Snake and the Dragon make a flamboyant, dynamic coupling of Chinese Zodiac signs. This relationship will have a "Hollywood" type aura about it as both signs are elegant and charismatic people.The patient Snake will be a good match for the sometimes fickle Dragon, while the ambition and drive of the Dragon satisfies the Snake's need to pursue the finer things in life. Much passion and much excitement here.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Snake and Rooster Another dynamic match, the Rooster, who loves to be in the spotlight is an able partner in the Snake's quest for life's finer things. The one pitfall of this relationship is in the independant thinking of both parties. Neither likes to take advice, however the Snake's ability to listen to advice without feeling the need to implement it may be a peace keeper.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Horse and Dog The loyal and intelligent Dog adds balance to the sometimes impulsive Horse, and should the Horse's impulsiveness cause a problem, he/she can rely on their Dog partner to stand fast until the crisis is resolved. The sincerity of the Horse is appreciated by the Dog, who knows the Horse is genuinely interested in their affairs, and the determination of both signs is conducive to building a solid future together.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Sheep and Pig The Sheep and Pig are two Chinese Zodiac signs that share many qualities that are mutually beneficial and satisfying to each. The sincerity and compassion of each is both appreciated and reciprocated, providing each with the nurturing and security needed to thrive. Another match contributive to domestic happiness.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Monkey and Dragon This will be a relationship with lots of character. Both of these Chinese Zodiac signs are full of energy and talent and great things can be accomplished by this partnership. The Monkey's flexibility and versatility easily accomodate the Dragon's flamboyancy, in fact it thrives on it, whilst the Dragon and their ability to matket and promote can help the Monkey achieve great things. Lots of passion, fun and prosperity await the two in this relationship.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Dog and Pig A natural match with both of these Chinese Zodiac signs being hard working and loyal. The industrious Dog affords the compassionate Pig security and the Pig returns the loyalty exhuded by the Dog. The inner strength of the Pig proves attractive to the Dog, while the stability and conservative nature of the Pig protects the Dog from those things he/she may find shocking or upsetting. A stable relationship in with a naturally strong foundation.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatability - Pig and Rabbit The sensitive Rabbit is naturally drawn to the compassionate, understanding and supportive Pig. Both signs are very domestically inclined in their nature, and a happy home is the goal of each. The Rabbit and Pig both find security in a stable domestic environment, and each contributes wholeheartedly to the other's emotional well being. Not a boring match at all, as they both enjoy a multitude of friends and are happy to entertain them in their home.

The Five Elements

The lunar calendar has a sixty year cycle. In the Chinese horoscope, the five basic elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth, which make up all matter, are combined with the twelve animal signs of Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Lamb, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig to form the sixty year cycle. One's Chinese horoscope is based on which lunar year in this sixty year cycle one was born.

Wood Wood represents springtime when new growth sprouts from the earth. Its associated direction is east. It is associated with the planet Jupiter. Wood is characterized by the color brown or green. Wood's attributes are considered to be strength and flexibility, as with bamboo. It is also associated with qualities of warmth, generosity, co-operation and idealism. The Wood person will be expansive, outgoing and socially conscious. The wood element is one that seeks always to grow and expand. Wood heralds the beginning of life, springtime and buds, sensuality and productivity.

Fire In Chinese tradition fire is one of the five elements. It is associated with the planet Mars, summer and the south, and the colour red. It is believed to govern the heart. Fire is associated with the qualities of dynamism, strength and persistence, and with restlessness and a sense of peacefulness. the fire person will be passionate and powerful with a flair for adventure.

Earth Earth is one of the five elements of the Chinese tradition. It is associated with the planet Saturn and the colour yellow, and lies at the centre of the compass in the Chinese cosmos. It is believed to govern the spleen and stomach. It is associated with the qualities of patience, thoughtfulness, hard work and stability. The earth person will be well grounded and reliable. Other attributes of the earth element are ambition, stubbornness, responsibility and long-term planning. In pathology, the earth can represent selfishness and self-centeredness.

Metal Metal is associated with the west and autumn, the planet Venus and the colour white. It is believed to govern the lungs. It is associated with organization and stability. Other qualities associated with metal are unyieldingness, persistence, strength and determination. The metal person is forceful and set in their ways as metal is very strong, but they are self-reliant and enjoy the good things in life.

Water Water is associated with the planet Mercury, the north and winter, and the colour black. Water is "black" because in fact it represents flooding. It is believed to govern the kidneys, hence the water person is usually very sexual in nature. In Chinese Taoist thought, water is representative of intelligence and wisdom; however, an overabundance of the element is said to cause difficulty in choosing something and sticking to it, thus a water person may be somewhat "wishy-washy".

The Hours - The Secret Animals

The Chinese zodiac is also used to label times of day, with each sign corresponding to a "large-hour" or shichen, which is a two-hour period, (24 divided by 12 animals). The large-hour in which a person is born is their secret animal, and characteristics of this sign can be found amongst those of their natural or major sign. The shichens and their corresponding signs are listed below.

23:00 - 01:00: Rat 01:00 - 03:00: Ox 03:00 - 05:00: Tiger 05:00 - 07:00: Rabbit 07:00 - 09:00: Dragon 09:00 - 11:00: Snake 11:00 - 13:00: Horse 13:00 - 15:00: Sheep 15:00 - 17:00: Monkey 17:00 - 19:00: Rooster 19:00 - 21:00: Dog 21:00 - 23:00: Pig

To understand your true self and your compatability with other signs, you must also consider the traits of your secret animal and also its element. This will give you a more accurate dynamic of your personality and your partner's. Each year is designated its own element and these are listed below for each individual sign.

Metal Rat - 1900,1960Water Rat - 1912,1972Wood Rat - 1924,1984Fire Rat - 1936,1996Earth Rat - 1948,2008

Metal Ox - 1901,1961Water Ox - 1913,1973Wood Ox - 1925,1985Fire Ox - 1937,1997Earth Ox - 1949,2009

Metal Tiger - 1950,2010Water Tiger - 1902,1962Wood Tiger - 1914,1974Fire Tiger - 1926,1986Earth Tiger - 1938,1998

Metal Rabbit - 1951,2011Water Rabbit - 1903,1963Wood Rabbit - 1915,1975Fire Rabbit - 1927,1987Earth Rabbit - 1939,1999

Metal Dragon - 1940,2000Water Dragon - 1952,2012Wood Dragon - 1904,1964Fire Dragon - 1916,1976Earth Dragon - 1928,1988

Metal Snake - 1941,2001Water Snake - 1953,2013Wood Snake - 1905,1965Fire Snake - 1917,1977Earth Snake - 1929,1989

Metal Horse - 1930,1990Water Horse - 1942,2002Wood Horse - 1954,2014Fire Horse - 1906,1966Earth Horse - 1918,1978

Metal Sheep - 1931,1991Water Sheep - 1943,2003Wood Sheep - 1955,2015Fire Sheep - 1907,1967Earth Sheep - 1919,1979

Metal Monkey - 1920,1980Water Monkey - 1932,1992Wood Monkey - 1944,2004Fire Monkey - 1956,2016Earth Monkey - 1908,1968

Metal Rooster - 1921,1981Water Rooster - 1933,1993Wood Rooster - 1945,2005Fire Rooster - 1957,2017Earth Rooster - 1909,1969

Metal Dog - 1910,1970Water Dog - 1922,1982Wood Dog - 1934,1994Fire Dog - 1946,2006Earth Dog - 1958,2018

Metal Pig - 1911,1971Water Pig - 1923,1983Wood Pig - 1935,1995Fire Pig - 1947,2007Earth Pig - 1959,2019

Chinese Zodiac Sign Element Specifics

In this section of our chinese zodiac signs pages we'll examine the influence that the specific elements have on each of the chinese zodiac signs.

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Wood Rat

A single-minded and focused individual, wood Rats like the simple things in life and quiet order. At least on the surface! Beneath that calm exterior may lie quite an explosive personality. Though the wood Rat may be a bit on the shy side; that doesn’t stop him from being a very effective entrepreneur or business person. The wood Rat has a huge ego, and he’s only being quiet and seemingly shy because he’s contemplating his next major move. He likes to keep his options open, and is a firm believer in “going with the flow,” or seizing an opportunity only when it arises.

Romantically the wood Rat may seem as dull as his name suggests. It’s just that he doesn’t like to waste his time whispering sweet nothings, but prefers to do sweet something’s – letting his actions speak for his feelings. To those he loves he is extremely loyal, and lives to satisfy their every need.

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Wood Ox

The wood Ox is generally filled with humor, and is well adept at mediating rifts between friends or family members. He or she is a great problem solver, and no situation is too complex for the wood Ox to resolve. The wood ox is very respected by those who know him; having very high moral standards, and being extremely reliable. You can count on the wood Ox, but sometimes they are too generous for their own good when it comes to money.

This character, though generally very carefree with their money, is often successful in his or her career, even while being apt to live on credit. Perhaps this is because they are great charmers, and having the gift of gab are able to talk their way out of or into anything! One thing for sure is that wood Oxen are very much family oriented, and nothing comes before their spouse or children. Of all the Chinese Zodiac signs, they are the best providers.

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Wood Tiger

If you’re looking for a loyal and dedicated friend among the Chinese Zodiac signs, the wood Tiger is your man – or woman! And as they are good friends, wood Tigers often receive good friendship in return, and this support generally helps them in their professional careers as well. Always there when you need a shoulder to cry on, the wood Tiger sometimes needs that shoulder himself.

Like the animal itself, wood Tigers are adventurous, courageous, and creative. Always looking for ways to make life exciting, these creatures are naturally witty and charming, and are usually purveyors of change. When the wood Tiger is successful, so are his friends.

In love wood Tigers can be a tad indecisive, and often entertain fantasies of being a flamboyant and carefree playboy or party girl. When they do marry tough, wood Tigers are faithful and generous partners and often attract beautiful mates.

CChinese Zodiac Signs - Wood Rabbit

The wood Rabbit is an intellectual among the Chinese Zodiac signs. They love to take in knowledge and spend much time reading or browsing the internet looking for interesting stories and information which they can converse about with their friends. Whether it’s current events or ancient history, the wood Rabbit wants to be in the know, and bookstores and libraries are some of their favorite places. As a Rabbit needs to be cunning to survive, likewise the wood Rabbit is naturally shrewd, and well knows how to succeed in life.

Wood Rabbits are also generous with friends and loved ones, but sometimes are overly generous to their own detriment. When it comes to having something tucked away for a rainy day, wood Rabbits may find themselves lacking if they are not careful. Wood Rabbits are affectionate creatures and are as generous with their attention as with their finances. A word of caution to the Wood Rabbit – be careful about smothering your partner with that over-abundance of furry fondness!

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Wood Dragon

Spiritual and mystical creature that the Dragon is, wood Dragons reflect the same spirit and are gallant protectors in their own right. They oversee their inner circles with the matronly care of a parent while maintaining a readiness to rise to their rescue or defense if needed. The wood Dragon is a tolerant creature, moves easily in any social circle, and possesses a wanderlust that he loves to indulge. Well traveled and well read, the wood Dragon enjoys social success, but not always professional victory.

But wood Dragons needn’t worry, as in spite of their shortcomings in the professional sphere, success finds them of its own accord. They are inevitably money magnets and if anybody is going to win the lottery, it’s most likely going to be the wood Dragon, by far the luckiest of the Chinese Zodiac signs.

Wood Dragons are also lucky in love and make for very stable partners. Preferring the long term relationship, wood Dragons are skeptical of love at first sight, and prefer a bond that is proven and tested over time. Once committed though, the love of the wood Dragon is forever!

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Wood Snake

The consummate dreamer, wood Snakes crave fame and fortune, yet lack the necessary power to focus their energies on achieving these things. Never one to be completely satisfied with their current lot, they are one of the most wishy-washy personalities of the Chinese Zodiac signs.

Despite a lack of focus however, wood Snakes enjoy life and good fortune finds its way into their laps. Because of their nature, these characters often have a formidable spirit and are able to weather the storms brought on by their indecision or rashness.

They are lucky in love and have flamboyant friends. They understand the need of give and take in relationships and rather hold on to their lovers loosely, allowing them to be themselves rather than attempting to force them into a preconceived mold. They can at times be a bit self absorbed, and thus communication with them is at times a little less than easy.

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Wood Horse

A Trojan Horse the wood Horse is not! Born leaders, the wood Horse is one of the most noble of the Chinese Zodiac Signs. They are born leaders, and do so with dignity and pride. The wood Horse leads using his natural attributes of daring and his power of personal magnetism. They have many admirers and followers, due to not only their leadership qualities, but their strong morality and high sense of social consciousness. Part of their success is due to their ability to decide quickly and accurately in how to deal with any situation.

As the wood Horse works hard, he loves to play as well, and spends much of his time concocting ideas on what to celebrate and how to gather his or her friends together. They love their friends and they love to celebrate, so combining the two is a wood Horse’s dream. They are loyal in love and treasure their relationships with friends, family and lovers.

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Wood Sheep

The heart of an optimist and the head of a pessimist, that’s the successful Wood Sheep. He or she is usually a very career oriented person, great at multi-tasking and forever on the move up the corporate ladder. Their popularity with higher ups has a lot to do with their knack for problem solving and being great organizers, hence they prosper financially. If you’re a Wood Sheep, keep your eyes open, as you don’t want to let opportunity pass you by!

Wood Sheep are very dedicated when it comes to relationships, and are often juggling several courtiers at once if they’re single. If in a relationship, they are truly loving individuals who live to love their partners. They may not always express those feelings openly, they prefer to show it with their love through actions – and they do! If you’re in a relationship with a Wood Sheep, count your blessings!

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Wood Monkey

No monkeying around here, this sign is energetic, active, and adventurous. You won’t find a Wood Monkey whiling away the hours watching TV; you’re more likely to see him or her on TV while watching some Discovery Channel adventure program. In the business world, Wood Monkeys are innovators and are often behind successful mergers or even takeovers. Their cheerful but forceful disposition makes them great managers, and they are able to get these done without upsetting anyone. The one thing this sign has to be careful of is overdoing it.

They are caring, understanding personalities who are often coming to the rescue of friends or family. A relationship with a Wood Monkey can leave you with butterflies in your stomach, as they are a bit unpredictable emotionally.

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Wood Rooster

Loners by nature, the Wood Rooster is happy to busy himself with solitary pursuits. You may often find him in his workshop doodling about, or in her study knitting a sweater. They not square by any means though, love trendy, artsy cafes and creative endeavors. Wood Roosters are calm and collective, easygoing people with a penchant for pleasing others. They are comfortable in social settings, and likewise easy to be around. Because of their quiet nature, it can be easy to ignore a Wood Rooster, that is until they begin to crow! There are times when they are liable to expressing their views very passionately!

A possible weakness of Wood Roosters is that they have a tendency to rely on other people too much. They need to work on their independence: success in the business world, social affairs, and matters of the heart depend on it!

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Wood Dog

Fierce determination is the strength of the Wood Dog. Setting goals and regularly meeting them is par for their course! They don’t flinch at obstacles or impediments, letting nothing stand in the way of what they seek to accomplish. They are morally upstanding people, forever holding righteousness to the fore, and often fighting against injustices.

Wood Dogs are much disciplined creatures, and though righteous and upstanding in nature, never present themselves as better than anybody. Rather they inspire and attract people, and are capable of great heroic acts. When it comes to romance, Wood Dogs show the same determination as they do with the rest of their life. If you’re the object of their affection, they’ll pursue you with unrelenting passion!

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Wood Pig

They may not have deep pockets, but Wood Pigs do act as such. Generous to the bone, they love to shower gifts on those they love or like, which of course often leaves them struggling financially. They are survivors though, and always seem to make ends meet. They might not be rich in money, but they are with friends and family!

When it comes to love, Wood Pigs have wonderful, fulfilling relationships. They can be a bit stubborn due to their independent nature, but if they learn to compromise they can be the perfect partner.

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Metal Rat

If ten people are deserted on a desert island, one of them will lead everyone to safety and that person will undoubtedly be the decisive clear-thinking Metal Rat. This is a natural born leader who inspires everyone through unparalleled leadership! Quite the visionary, the idealistic Rat will see cathedrals in the middle of the desert and make believers out of non-believers. He or she has all the traits necessary to win and keep friends, charm, sincerity, trustworthiness, as well as a sense of humor and grand adventure.

The enormously capable Metal Rats are very successful in their career, with financial rewards keeping them forever in clover. When it comes to love, Metal Rats' hearts tend to be a bit brittle because they have been wounded by past love affairs. However, when the Rats finally find the right person, they will do all they can to pursue love, using every means at their disposal. Love becomes a high priority.

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Metal Ox

Metal Oxen never have to experience the whirlpools of life because there are always people around who will rally to their needs and pull them out before problems become too big. You can't help liking someone who is so friendly and genuinely warm. No doubt about it, Metal Oxen are very well liked and regarded. So very sociable, they are always planning memorable get-togethers for their friends and loved ones, whether it be by candlelight or in windswept sunlight.

In work, Metal Oxen are Dynamos, tenacious, determined, and so full of dedication, they are acknowledged as the best by colleagues. No problems here and REWARDS are many. Love life is somewhat of a mystery, but it is important to tell you it is filled to brimming with the same wonderful attributes that make Metal Oxen so successful in other areas of their life. The area of Love & Relationships is immensely satisfying.

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Metal Tiger

When opportunity knocks, Metal Tigers open the door. With characteristic Olympian zeal, they seize every chance to better themselves, with a competitive streak that lets nothing or no one get in their way. As aggressive as they are, though, they never trample upon the feelings of others. Always considerate, they are admired and well-liked for their sense of justice and forgiving spirit. They never waste energy holding grudges.

Metal Tigers always have the unwavering support of their friends, colleagues, and family. Their industrious work habits usually lead them down a velvety smooth career path and Metal Tigers almost always know the beauty of having achieved great financial success. Because Metal Tigers have so much fire within themselves, they can also warm the hearts of loved ones, which they do with tender passion and compassion.

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Metal Rabbit

You may picture the Rabbit as being a softy among Chinese Zodiac signs, but the Metal Rabbit is as resilient as its name suggests. Able to withstand hardship, they are also cunning and ambitious in their dealings with others. They are intensely emotional, and channel that energy into any undertaking, including personal relationships, which makes them passionate lovers.

At work their determination works to their advantage, either by creating dynamic and mutually respectful personal relationships with their colleagues, or simply by excelling in the work itself. Rabbits only give 100%, and expect the same from those they are involved with; professionally or personally.

CChinese Zodiac Signs - Metal Dragon

Truthful to the bone and courageous to the core, the Metal Dragon is also one of the most stubborn of the Chinese Zodiac signs. They have a strength of character mirrored in their unyielding personality, but that persistence enables them to be ultimately successful. Although the Metal Dragon is a stubborn sort, they respect those who stand up to them, and prefer the company of those types to that of “yes” men.

Born out of those relationships are a great ally, and a fearsome enemy, if crossed. Metal Dragons are born leaders, dominant by nature, they have an aura that induces others to follow them willingly. Bit Metal Dragons don’t need a band of followers to pursue a cause, they will stand or fight alone if need be, just hope you’re not on the opposing side.

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Metal Snake

Focused of mind and of resolute spirit, the Metal Snake is the most determined of Chinese Zodiac Signs, letting nothing get in the way of their success. Though focused on the object or outcome of their desire, they remain well aware of their surroundings, constantly on their guard against sabotage or ambush. Not that they are paranoid, but they are aware of the competitive and sometimes desperate nature of others, and are disciplined enough not to let themselves forget it. Metal Snakes are very much financially oriented, and the importance they place on money comes rather from the wonderful possessions it can buy them than the security it brings.

Unfortunately the self serving/preserving nature of the Metal Snake can make them a risky partner in affairs of the heart, but if you’re willing to take a gamble and a backseat in a relationship; you’ll end up with a passionate partner who’ll be only too happy to share their plethora of toys and good living with you.

Chinese Zodiac Signs – Metal Horse

Galloping freely through life while avoiding getting corralled pretty much sums up the Metal Horse. They are staunch individuals who cherish their freedom, and any attempts to snare him will have him headed for the hills. A bold and deep-rooted sense of adventure compels the Metal Horse to change partners and jobs quite regularly. A backpacker-type who needs to head into the unknown, he will make a more reliable friend than a lover.

Playing by the rules is not always a priority for the Metal Horse, and this makes him a difficult opponent. He’s daring and fierce as well, and will retaliate without hesitation. But his own temper could be his downfall, so Metal Horse types are advised to keep that in mind. By abandoning diplomacy in the heat of the moment, any goodwill will be destroyed making an amicable settlement impossible. Rein that Metal Horse in!

Chinese Zodiac Signs – Metal Sheep

In order to protect their sensitive and delicate nature, Metal Sheep often project a toughness that’s only surface deep. Relatives and close friends know this, so are not bothered by it, but strangers may misjudge them as being a bit gruff. Often led by their heart rather than their head, Metal Sheep frequently treat others according to how they’re feeling at the time rather than how they should be treated. Sometimes overprotective and vulnerable, they expect the world to revolve around them and their partners.

Metal Sheep are insecure in relationships, but can cherish them to a fault. They are self-sacrificing and will do anything for their partners, so must guard against being taken advantage of. They are instinctive in business matters, and if you go into business with a Metal Sheep you won’t regret it, as long as you take the lead. Once assured of by a strong backer, their talents will thrive, bringing success and prosperity to all involved.

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